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Monday, April 25, 2011

Revolutionary Quips

"Put it this way, last time I had sex, Mubarak was still in office.."

"Honey, blowing hot officers is not your 'contribution for supporting the nation'!"

"She is SO vicious, she makes Suzann Mubarak looks good"

"You'd better do it, or I will have your State Security file as a Christmas card!"

"Honey, saying 'because I like hot Daddies in uniform', is not enough reason to support military rule"

"For the Nth time, if they arrest you it will not be like Lady Gaga's video. There will not be a bunch of hot army men in briefs running around"

"Lets put it this way, she gave virginity test, a whole new meaning"

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Anonymous said...

witty, i like!